Microsoft Now begins airing Windows Phone 8 commercial

※ Last month, Microsoft started airing television commercials for its latest OS – Windows 8. Now, the software giant has started airing its first commercials for Windows Phone 8.

The first TV commercial on Windows Phone 8 will be a 1 minute 3 second long clip that will kick-off during today’s NFL Football event. Microsoft showed off the advertisement at the time of Windows Phone 8 press conferences in late October.

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P.S.  =>  Lovely Sia의 추가 설명 ^^

위의 내용은 11/11(현지) 미국에서 '원도우폰8' 1분 3초 분량의 첫 TV 광고 시작했다는 기사 입니다.

현재 AT&T 온라인숍에서 노키아 Lumia 920/Lumia 820 그리고 HTC Winodws Phone 8X 판매중이라고 하네요. 

디바이스 가격은 ▼(아래에^^)


Lumia 920 : $100(2년약정)/$450(무약정)

Lumia 820 : $50(2년약정)/$400(무약정)

HTC Windows Phone 8X

8GB : $100(2년약정)/$450(무약정)

16GB : $200(2년약정)/$550(무약정)

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