Mobile OS Customer Satisfaction

The ChangeWave survey results also show a potential breakthrough for the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system. 

We looked at operating system customer satisfaction based upon the OS consumers have on their smart phones.  As in previous surveys, Apple is the clear leader here – with 71% of iOS users saying they are Very Satisfied with their phone.

But the big surprise is that users of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system (53%) now rank it higher in terms of customer satisfaction than do users of the Android mobile operating system (48%) – a clear sign of strong user satisfaction with Windows Phone 8.

Nokia is the biggest beneficiary of the higher Windows Phone satisfaction levels to date. The Finnish manufacturer'sVery Satisfied rating jumped to 56% this quarter putting it in a dead heat with Samsung (55%) for second place – though both remain well behind Apple (70%), the industry leader.

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Lovely Sia 의 이야기^^

ChangeWave 시장조사기관에서 2012년 1월 15일 발표한  ' 2012 모바일 OS의 만족도' 를 설문조사한 결과,  iOS가 71%라는 높은 만족도를 보이고 있는데요,

이번 조사로 크게 놀라운 점은 Microsoft의 Window Phone 운영체제가 53%의 만족도로  현재 가장 많은 모바일 디바이스를 보유하고 있는 Android 운영체제에 비해 만족도가 더 높다는 사실입니다.  

앞으로 Window Phone 8 의 성장가능성을 눈여겨 볼 필요가 있을 것 같네요 ^^